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Episode 13 - Janine Firpo talks Sustainable Investing

Episode Summary

We’re back this week with another purposeful episode of The Angel Next Door! This week Marcia Dawood sits down to interview co-founder of Invest for Better and author of “Activate Your Money, Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World,” Janine Firpo. Janine is a social entrepreneur known in the Bay area for impact investing and her many years of working in foreign services. She is also an active member of the private investing world with a diverse portfolio catered to helping women entrepreneurs and other minorities. Janine explains to our listeners that 1 in 3 dollars that are invested by institutional investors and professional investors are invested in sustainability. Shifting assets into these kinds of more sustainable investments are not only helping our world but are getting a higher return than those that are not. She also shares her experience as a mentor in investing groups like the Rising Tide Network and why the Next Wave Impact model was so effective, especially as barriers to larger funds become bigger and bigger. Janine also shares her most recent project as the co-founder of Invest for Better, which puts women together in investment clubs to teach them how to become confident investors and align their money with their values. Janine has a very unique story and is a wonderful example of aligning your money with your purpose in life. To hear her full story and her most recent investment success story about a bagel company listen here!

Episode Notes

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